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Newspaper Article from Agora

Hervé Fayolle’s paintings are beautifully cataclysmic. His highly detailed compositions combine iridescent acrylic waves with negative space, positioned in such a way as to suggest the overall force that form and color have on the human psyche. This is further established as Fayolle presents fine intricacies even in the space between his textural designs and hypnotic representations. His subjects, framed by the context of dreams and imagination, are often both representational and symbolic. In both cases, they are frequently hidden beneath the chaotic framework of the composition, waiting for the viewer to unearth them.

In order to achieve the mixture of flat surfaces and heavily textured colorscapes, Fayolle utilizes a variety of metallic and acrylic media, along with heavy use of glazes and careful application of ink. Each specific medium is used in unique but complimentary ways: splatters of paint line matte spaces, while deliberately apparent brushstrokes break the uniformity of the blocks. Likewise, Fayolle’s lines, whether wavering or austere, are always pristine and match the sense of complete objects colliding and transforming: a reflection on the ability for art to affect its viewers. Fayolle currently resides in the south of France in Bellegarde.

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